Passionate about programming and drawing, my determination push me to help improving creative games project.

Crazy multiplayer game where you drive a forklift in a spectacular battle.
The goal is to collect all the toys and bring them back to your stockpile while avoiding dropping them or being thrown out by your opponents.
Be dauntless! Use your super powers, catapult your enemies out of the arena and become the Forklift champions!
Dugeon Fragments is a third person Rogue-Like Puzzle-Game where the player has the ability to turn the pieces of the dungeons in order to pick up weapons and abilities so that he can progress, take down enemies in his way and beat the dungeon.
One versus One tactical RPG battle game where the supporters is like a third player that take a huge part in the fight.
Made in two weeks for Ankama.
Pinatatane is a online party game where the goal is to push your opponents into traps and wall in order to take their precious candies.
At the end of the game, the winner is the player that take the most candy from his enemies.
original portfolio, created from scratch without any add-on, using html css javascript and php + sql
During the last year of my two years technical degree in computer science, we had to realize a game which have been presented during the open day of our school.
To do that our team of three students created in Unity a RPG game where the player have to visit a map representing our school and to discuss with differents characters to ask them questions and so getting informations about many thematics like abscences, graduation or even the relations international.
The game also offer the possibility to create and add his own characters with his questions / answers.

It was a discover of the Unity engine for me which I liked a lot, a complete and strong engine which allow to create easily a game prototype.
This project also allow me to learn about managing a team in a project where the communication is not very good.
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